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Interview Questions and Answers Guides

CFI has compiled the most common interview questions and answers, contained in the various guides listed below. Based on years of experience coaching candidates and making hiring decisions the CFI Team has carefully developed these lists of interview questions and produced answers that are likely to give you an edge over other job candidates.


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Interview Questions and Answers by Industry

Below is a list of questions and answers sorted by industry and job function. Each guide is tailored to that specific job function, so pick the one that most closely matches your career ambitions. There is also some natural overlap and you can never have too much practice so we recommend reading multiple interview guides.

Investment Banking Interview Questions & Answers

Analyst/Associate Investment Banking Interview Questions This is based on a real form used at a bulge bracket bank for their investment banking interview questions in the hiring process. Total Interview time: approx. 45 minutes.   Checklist for Interviewer: Welcome, introduce yourself and your position, and thank the interviewee for their time and interest. Clarify the...

Equity Research Interview Questions

What are the most common equity research interview questions? Based on our first-hand experience, as well discussions with equity research professionals, we’ve compiled a list of the top questions to be asked by a research analyst when interviewing an associate. We’ve also added what we think are the best answers to these challenging interview questions.  Here are the...

FP&A Interview Questions

What are the Most Common FP&A Interview Questions? Based on extensive research and feedback from professionals in Financial Planning and Analysis, we’ve compiled the most likely interview questions to be asked by an FP&A hiring manager. In addition, we’ve also created what we think are the best answers to these FP&A interview questions. Please read through...

Accounting Interview Questions

Accounting interview questions guide We’ve compiled the most frequently asked accounting interview questions along with what we believe are the best answers.  The key to acing an interview is practice, so be sure to check out our interview guides for finance, FP&A, equity research, and more.     List of commonly asked accounting interview questions:   #1 Walk me through...

Finance Interview Questions

Most Common Finance Interview Questions     We’ve compiled a list of the most common and frequently asked finance interview questions.  If you want to ace your finance interview, then make sure you master the answers to these challenging questions below.  This guide is perfect for anyone interviewing for a financial analyst job, and it’s based...

All Interview Questions A-Z

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